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woman in beauty and in great posture

woman in beauty and in great posture


As a woman, do we suppose look like the models in magazines? Do we all wish that? If beauty is everything then how important does diet and exercises appear to you?
Does your weight control you? Do those extra pounds consume your every thought? Does your body image control your confidence, smile and security? Does your fashion speak for your taste and your personality?
If give you skinnier or happier, which one you like to choose?
If every individual has different opinion on beauty then does each woman dare to speak her own minds of beauty by how she choose her style, but ignore the society’s idea of beauty?
Or at some level, we all skewed by media ideals of perfection?
Somehow we, women, many beautiful women end up with obsessing over their “imperfections” and suffering from heartbreaking insecurities. We can’t accept the self in the mirror, the mole on our cheek. We compare “ME” with others and negativity arises…
So where is the true beauty when we look at our own body in the mirror? Do you have gentle manners, do you speak kindness words…
While our social class system is diminishing, but one can’t help but admire the dignified and respectful way to those who conduct their lives with gentility and finesse.
Do you have that deep thirst to learn the life skill to become an attractive woman you always want to be?
I hope this blog encouragement each woman to look at yourself again as who you really are, accept yourself, appreciate the uniqueness, and seek to grow as an attractive new YOU.

Beauty and attractive woman
Beauty and attractive woman in peace
Be an attractive woman
Me and my children


My name is Shelley and I am a daughter, a wife and a mother of two.

I am a beloved child of my Creator and redeemed by the precious blood of the Lamb.

I am a dreamer and keep chasing the dreams.

I am a world traveler, antique collector, natural lover and risk taker.

I am strongly believe to be an attractive woman, it’s not just about your outside appearance and fashion, it’s all about how you carry your inside qualities through your outside activities.

Let’s live as a true happy attractive woman in this 21th century!